Processed Pea


Live acoustic music
Walkington Village Hall
East End 
Walkington HU17 8RX

Beverley Memorial Hall
73-75 Lairgate
Beverley HU17 8HN

History of The Pea

The Processed Pea Folk Club came about when four friends: Stuart Bell, Mike Tasker, Barry Hayward and Malcolm Russell visited a local Folk Club and were disappointed when an artist was asked by the organisers to stop singing a song, as in their opinion it was not Folk Music.

As our gang of four had their own views on what was Folk, they decided to start a club of their own allowing a wider range of Folk Music to be performed.

The group approached the Scottish and Newcastle Breweries and were offered The Light Dragoon in Etton as a club venue.

At the same time, the four friends were heavily involved in selling thousands of cases of tinned processed peas from a company that was in financial difficulties at the time, and so the name “The Processed Pea” was adopted.

Over the next two years, the club ran successfully on a weekly basis, establishing itself as the most popular folk venue in Hull and the East Riding.

The company the four worked for was then sold and new jobs sought by the friends. Starting new careers, the founding four all moved in different directions.

Stuart decided to carry on running the club on his own but after a couple of years realised he needed help.

Visiting the club on a regular basis was Dave Robinson who had recently started his own folk club, Centre Folk, and after some discussion, Stuart and Dave joined forces.

For the next 20 years, the two brought artist from all over the country to perform at The Pea. Such names as Alan Hull, Jasper Carrot, The Watersons, Julie Felix and Maxi & Mitch all became regular performers at the Club. 

During this period the late Ken Williams and his sister Gwen Rodmell joined the organisers and for twenty years gave their help in the successful running of the club.

In the 90s Dave Robinson, due to ill health, retired from his involvement in the club.

Realising help was still needed to run the club, Stuart asked a regular local singer at the club, Martin Peirson, if he would like to be involved.

At this point, the team decided the club should move from meeting weekly to monthly to keep the standards of artists available at a high level.

Stuart and Martin not only brought national artists to the club but promoted many local performers, some making their first visit to a stage.

During the 2000s Mike Loughlin joined the team helping with the setting up of the club on an evening, controlling of the lighting and then performing on acoustic guitar every month. Due to health problems Mike took a back seat after fifteen years.

Wanting to concentrate more on his own singing and performing, Martin decided to step back from the club after two and a half decades of involvement, although always willing to help if needed to this day.

Out of the blue came people who were more than willing to be involved in the highly successful Processed Pea.

Joining the gang over the last five years to become the Pea Team have been:

Andy Mowforth, a follower of folk events around the country and very knowledgeable on artists.

Max Roberts who is very involved in the local music scene and broadcasts on Beverley FM Radio

Rob Nicklaus who since the early 70s has visited and performed at the club and is a wizard on the sound.

Anne Sturdy who looks after our admin, photography and door control.

And finally, Tony Sturdy who is a local performer, came along asking if we needed any help and gave me a great boost when I needed it, bringing ideas, visitors, local artists and incredible enthusiasm to the club

Now looking forward to the future!