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The Processed Pea…

…means many things to different people:

To professional musicians it is a much respected venue to perform at. To amateur performers it is a place to be able to play in front of a live audience. To those in the audience it means quite simply – a good night out!

NOW..   1st MONDAY OF THE MONTH We operate on a first come, first served basis. The Light Dragoon opens its doors from 6.30 p.m. and the evening starts at 8pm. Please come as early as you can to ensure a seat. Unfortunately food is no longer available. We aim to finish around 11pm.

Check out the latest additions to our Gallery. For further information on most of our artists you can go to their websites simply by clicking on their name.

2015 Programme



Monday April 13th 2015 at 8.00 p.m.

Katie Spencer

Our congratulations on an excellent performance from Katie supported by Tim O’Connor, Nick and Helen Stubbs and Mike Loughlin.






Monday May 4th 2015 at 8.00p.m.hillbilly_troupe

The Hillbilly Troupe

A workers’ un-cooperative who won’t be pigeon-holed

“It’s all folk music – after all there ain’t no horse music…” (Louis Armstrong)

The Hillbilly Troupe must be the happiest accident in Hull’s – if not the world’s – cultural history. Sometimes they’re a seven piece, sometimes nine, sometimes more, sometimes less…but they can always counted on to be entertaining.

With a combined 287 years at their core (the seven-piece) they range in age from 24 to 68. They have been described as a cross between the Pogues and Lonnie Donegan. One wag described their work as ‘mucky skiffle’ – but the Troupe will not be defined… they are too busy being musical, having fun and bringing that all home to you to be bothered with labels.

They are now in their fourth year – and not entirely sure how they met. But they certainly are glad they did…and you will agree. They put a unique edge on all apsects of their performances be it folk, Americana, indie, roots, blues, grassroots, bluegrass. They are lifelong activist, encyclopaedic singer and vocal powerhouse Mick McGarry, banjoist and vocalist Lloyd Dobbs, who with his brother Grant on drums are ex- The Paddingtons, one the city’s most successful bands. Musician and academic Dave Gawthorpe on guitar, joins Andy Swift on bass, Steve Frost on lead guitar, Mick Murphy on vocals/percussion. Together they provide an electic range of muscial genres with their own, inimitable, adaptable way…they even have “honorary” Troupes like Martin “Mad Dog” Jones on trumpet, string-driven thing Les Ward and extra drummer, Joe “chief” Brodie. They are making history come alive through their work and making the present historic with their energy. Don’t define ‘em, or try to refine ‘em. Just get into what they do. It’s impossible not to.

Tickets £6.00 available by clicking here from WeGotTickets



Monday June 1st 2015 at 8.00 p.m.

The Happy Catshappycats

“A drop of the Irish, a hot spoonful of salsa, a twist of Tamla, shake it all up with thirty years of Rock and Roll experience and garnish with good humour – there you have The Happy Cats!”

Listen to this clip from the Happy Cats’ “Song for Tuam” available as an MP3 from their website www.the


 Tickets £12.50 available by clicking here from WeGotTickets


 July 6th 2015 @ 8.oo p.m.

Keep It Cash

Welcome to their Pea debut performance, the very popular Johnny Cash tribute band in an acoustic presentation.

Tickets £9.00 available from WeGotTickets 

 Monday August 3rd 2015 @ 8.00p.m.
East Yorkshire Musician’s Night featuring:

Nick & Helen Stubbs

and a host of local Artistes.

Tickets £5.00 available from WeGotTickets

September 7th 2015 @ 8.00 p.m.


Edwina Hayes & Flossie Malavialle

Edwina Hayes & Flossie Malavialle

    Last season’s concert proved so popular and successful that we were inundated with requests for another performance. So here we are with a second offering of Flossie and Edwina separately and together. We anticipate another sell out show so be sure to book your seats/buy your tickets early. 

Listen to Flossie sing You Take my Breath Away from her CD “Mistral”.

and to Edwina singing “Leave a Light On For Me” from her CD “Pour Me A Drink”.


Tickets £10.50 available by clicking here from WeGotTickets


Monday November 2nd 2015 @ 8.00 p.m.

Blackbeard’s Tea Party

more details soon.

 Monday December 7th 2015 at 8.00p.m.

Henry Priestman


 Making his seventh consecutive appearance at the Pea should prove to be another smash-hit sellout performance for the ex Christians, ex-Yachts etc. singer songwriter par excellence,

local lad made good – Henry Priestman! Which is why we are advertising this show so early as ticket sales are already well under way. So to avoid disappointment book now. 


Tickets £12.00 available here from WeGotTickets

Listen to mp3  “Same Circus, Different Clowns” from Henry’s latest album “the last mad surge of youth”. Available from his website. Click on his name or go to


All tickets are available from WeGot or Stuart Bell will take reservations on 01430 830669. Tickets also available in advance from Beverley Tourist Information, Minster Records Beverley, and Costcutter Cherry Burton.

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